Sincerity. It’s in short supply when the default position on most matters is Irony. I’m not immune to sarcasm as humor. I laugh along with The Daily Show like any other good, East Coast liberal. But, the rebellious part of me wonders why I need to protect the things I actually love in a cocoon of snark? When did it start being uncool to say that you like something and mean it? Like for reals, not ‘ironically’?

I had this flash of enlightenment the other day when I took my first yoga class in several years. I’m no yogi - normally dance classes that seem more like a party and less like ‘working out’ are my jam - but for once I was actually in the mood to exercise and my motto when it comes to the gym, and most things really, is strike while the iron is hot. So, with no cardio dance on the schedule for hours, yoga it was!

I was half day-dreaming already when the instructor asked us to close our eyes and consider three intentions for our practice, take three breaths, and then consider three more. She suggested that we begin with the phrase “I am….”

Um, three intentions? I wasn’t really prepared for that question and the cynical part of me immediately kicked into gear.

“I am rolling my eyes.” “I am just here to work out.” “I am hoping to survive 75 minutes of yoga.”

I told the snark to cool it for a minute and thought for another moment encouraging my brain to focus on the positive.

“I am strong.” “I am creative.” “I am blessed.”

Three deep breaths.

“I am curious.” “I am loved.” “I am grateful.”

Wow. I surprised myself with the direction my mind went. If that’s what I want to put into this world maybe I should consider these intentions everyday. That’s what I want this place – Goldfinch & Scout that is – to be a space for working out what makes me strong, creative, blessed, curious, loved, grateful.

If you think of three intentions for the day, where does your mind go? How do you stay positive in a chronically ironic culture?