Happy New Year! After a day curled up on the sofa watching Sherlock and recovering after a late night out I am now fully re-charged and ready for 2014. I have a tendency to want to squeeze in just one more thing – hence, I am often 5 minute late. So, in an effort to be focused I’m putting these resolutions down on paper. I hoping you'll hold me to them! And, now for the annual resolution making…

Image via  Vogue  by  Françoise Peretti,  Design by  Laura Messersmith

Image via Vogue by Françoise Peretti, Design by Laura Messersmith

For the record this year my goals are:

Document. I would really like to be a better photographer and blog could definitely benefit from better pictures than my iPhone can offer, so this is a big one. I have a shiny new DSLR camera I just need to learn how to use it!

Handletter. I realized as I scrolled through my Design/Lettering Pinterest board that many of the pieces I admire are handlettering or calligraphy. I’d love to learn more about these techniques and incorporate them into my design work.

Travel. It’s been several years since my passport has received any new stamps. We need to do something about that by taking a trip outside the U.S.  I vote for France or Croatia, but we’ll see what Mike says.

Volunteer. There are so many great organizations in New York and it seems like I should be able to find one where I could contribute my time and talents (such as they are).

Entertain. When we moved to the city we were fortunate that several old friends already lived here and we’ve been happy to meet some new people over the last 6 months too. I think extending an invitation to host someone in your home is such a genuine way of demonstrating that you’d like to be friends. We need to do that often in 2014.

What are your resolutions? Are you focusing on personal goals, professional or a combination of the two (hello work-life balance)?