A Walking City

Of the three major cities I’ve lived in – Boston, Dallas, and New York – two of the three have been what I’d call walking cities. Places with a distinct culture of traveling by public transportation or the old heel-toe express. Dallas was the exception – surprise! Mike and I used to joke that if you walked anywhere in Dallas without one of the following ‘excuses’ (a dog, a stroller, or running gear) that people would think something was wrong and you probably needed help.  

New York, New York; Image & Design:  Laura Messersmith

New York, New York; Image & Design: Laura Messersmith

It’s not that I’m opposed to driving - I love a good road trip - but one of my favorite parts of being back in an East Coast city is the freedom to explore on foot. There’s something about seeing a neighborhood from the sidewalk instead of the street. It’s up close and personal and gives me the chance to notice the details – a charming shop display, the elaborate stonework on a brownstone townhouse, a particularly lovely window box. I can take my time meandering and all the traffic jams can be untangled with just a nimble side-step.

Since we live on the Upper West Side it is naturally the neighborhood I’m most familiar with, but I’m excited about (slowly) getting to know other spots in New York. I’ll be sharing my adventures with you, but I’m always open to recommendations. Don’t be shy, let me know your favorite spots in the city!