Snow Day

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week begins here in New York in 3 days, but thanks to the snow storm that blew through today, it was a day made for L.L. Bean duck boots and giant roll neck sweaters. Frankly, that's the direction my fashion sense takes anyway regardless of how many inches of wet flakes have fallen.

Since the sidewalks of the UWS are our runway - and Maddie-pup always looks chic in her furs - I bundled up in my long down parka and the two of us trekked over to Central Park to make the most of the snow with some afternoon hijinks. We spent several hours exploring and enjoying the silence that seems to fall over the city when the usual traffic sounds are muffled with snow.

M.P. absolutely looooves the snow and her favorite activities for enjoying it fall into three major categories:

1. Snuffling her nose in it (whatever it is that she smells down there is between her and the snow bank.)
2. Rolling around in it, all the better if it’s the dry fluffy kind.
3. Bounding over drifts to reach a fresh unbroken expanse.
4. Posing as a willing, but not terribly obedient model.

After all that playing and fresh air I now have a very sleepy pup on my hands and we're both happy to be curled up inside. Hope you're staying warm too.

Maddie 2.jpg
Maddie rolling 0.jpg
Maddie rolling 1.jpg
Maddie rolling 2.jpg
Maddie 1.jpg