Maddie, Year Three

Perhaps it’s a bit silly or sentimental to love a dog so much, but we love our puppy-daughter and I’m the Chief Whimsy Officer of the Messersmith family, so I figure this type of post goes with the territory. This is a letter to Maddie pup on her third anniversary as a Messersmith.

Maddie-pup, Image:  Laura Messersmith

Maddie-pup, Image: Laura Messersmith

Dear Maddie,

I’m typing with one hand right now because I need the other one to scratch your head.

This weekend marks three years since you came home to live with us. I admit when your Papa and I were contemplating getting a dog we were nervous about the responsibilities we knew would be part of being good dog parents. But, we also remembered how much we loved the dogs we grew up with and wanted to experience that kind of affection again.

I’m so glad we took the plunge and found you, Fuzzy Bear, I’m so glad we came to meet you at the adoption event on Mockingbird Ave that Saturday afternoon in March. You were three years old and some kind-hearted person found you a few weeks earlier with no tags and no microchip. You were also pretty darn sick with heartworm. We heard you had some close calls during treatment, but as we discovered later when squirrels were in the picture, you’re pretty stubborn and pulled through even when it looked bleak.

I don’t know what else to call our first meeting other than puppy-love at first sight. A short walk, some snuggles, and a proprietary snooze at my feet sealed the deal. Looking back now I think it was a lucky coincidence for a strawberry blonde dog and two people with Irish ancestry to meet on St. Patrick’s Day.

You came to live with us about a week later and we dubbed you Maddie, although since then you’ve picked up about a dozen nicknames ranging from Ladybug to Bright Eyes. Your arrival coincided with a busy season of work travel for Papa, so the two of us spent a lot of Q.T. in those early weeks. Since then we’ve taken countless walks together – first exploring Dallas and now making New York home  - and my arm has gone numb many times as I lean over the side of the bed to stroke your soft ears. The bond that we formed has only grown stronger.

I love your hopeful expression when a Honey Nut Cheerios box appears at breakfast, I love how excited you get when it snows, I love how you bring a toy to greet every visitor.

Your Papa and I love you Maddie-pup and we’re so glad that you’re a Messersmith.