Away Message

Dubrovnik, Croatia ; Image:   Steve Outram ;  Design:  Laura Messersmith

Dubrovnik, Croatia; Image: Steve Outram; Design: Laura Messersmith

Remember the days of AOL Instant Messenger? Back in college - when people still used desktop computers and only 1% of my friends had cell phones - posting a witty, funny, thoughtful away message was important. It took thought and originality to craft the perfect out-of-office reply for people who didn't have offices yet.

Since this afternoon begins our European adventure, I thought I better leave the blog version of an away message. It's only courteous, right? As you can tell, I didn't bother with any of witty, thoughtful stuff. Just to the straight to the point!

We'll be in four countries and five cities over the course of the next 10 days - hello passport stamps! - and I'm planning to photograph, Vienna, Salzburg, Dubrovnik, Mostar, and Frankfurt with in an inch of their lives. I also hope to bring back lots of memories, stories that will live on in Messersmith family lore, and scout some fun places to share with you for your next adventure. 

I can hardly believe today is the day, but the suitcases are packed (lightly!), Maddie is off in Pennsylvania staying with her 'Grandparents,' and the apartment hatches have been battened in preparation for our departure. So, we're ready to go! 

Hope you have a great week - I'll be back here at Goldfinch & Scout on April 16th!