Reading Material + Columbus Day

Maddie  | Image:  Laura Messermith

Maddie | Image: Laura Messermith

Columbus Day weekend is one of my all-time favorite holidays and after years of having a three-day weekend right in the most glorious moment of fall it was a rude awakening to discover that it’s not common across. People in Texas looked at me like I was nuts when I asked about it and it seems like there’s a slow creep to eliminate it from the list of company-recognized holidays.

Politics of its origin aside – seriously name it for someone worthy – it’s bliss to have a little window of calm after the whirlwind of back to school. And the timing at the peak of leaf peeping, apple picking, and bright Indian summer sunshine is perfection - as you can see, Maddie knows what's up. So, here’s hoping wherever you are the folks in charge see the wisdom of a little break at the top of the hill before the long downslope to the end of the year.


Reading Material:

Point 1: These S’mores Cupcakes posted on Smitten Kitchen look unreal. Point 2: thank goodness I’m not the only one who still loves cupcakes, regardless of their “cool” status. Point 3: this is relevant because there’s a cupcake post coming your way next week. Point 4: how many times can I say cupcake? Cupcake. Cupcake. Cupcake.

I adore these clever illustrations by Gretchen Röehrs – her eye for shape and detail is so inventive. I now wish I had a place to wear an elegant artichoke dress. (via Man Repeller)

This list of rules for success in the restaurant world on Medium was rather illuminating. Reminded me of the design “rules” - followed until you break them.

Food halls featuring street-style dining seem to be a trend and now The New York Times reports that Chef Anthony Bourdain is opening one on a pier in downtown Manhattan. Mark your calendars for 2017!

It’s a Messersmith family trait to give toasts early and often, and this piece on A Cup of Jo confirms it – a toast makes any occasion noteworthy. Here are some tips to help raise a glass with class.