Gone Scouting + Bonus Reading Material

California Wine Country  | Image:  Laura Messersmith

California Wine Country | Image: Laura Messersmith

Mike and I are off to the Left Coast for a long weekend and I’m so excited to celebrate the marriage of some of our friends and spend some time in wine country. We’re coming up on our 5th wedding anniversary and the timing of this trip is serendipitous since it gives us the chance to return to Napa where we spent several days during our honeymoon.

I can’t wait to see the gorgeous mountains rolling with orderly vineyards, and I’m really looking forward to some great wines and wonderful dinners while we’re there. I’ll definitely share some of our favorites – new and old – when we get back and trust me when I say that the camera is going to get quite a workout!

While we’re away soaking up some sunshine and enjoying Northern California I’ll leave you with some reading material. Here’s what caught my eye in the wilds of the internet this week.

Reading Material:

Laurie Colwin’s Home Cooking is on my bedside table right now and if this piece on The Toast by Emily Gould is any predictor I think it’s just the thing to read while I’m flying this weekend.

A to-do list of food events across the country (and London!) for this spring compliments of Eater. Yachts & wine….who wants to invite me to the Nuit en Rosé?

Former Starbucks barista here and I could totally relate trying to help customers order coffee. Refinery29 feels my pain.

Oh, the dance of getting a table at popular, no-reservations accepted restaurants. A quandary Man Repeller describes all too accurately.

Natural Science Alert! I love oysters and this guide to the common varieties and their shells(!) from Edible Brooklyn was really cool.