Reading Material - Halloween Edition

Vineyard  |  North Fork, Long Island  | Image:  Laura Messersmith

Vineyard | North Fork, Long Island | Image: Laura Messersmith

Welcome to the all trick-or-treat edition of Reading Material in which I tip my pointy witch’s hat to Halloween. I thought this photo of the vineyards at dusk I took last weekend was appropriate to accompany the moody occasion, yes?

Hope you're all ready to go - treats acquired, costume elements collected, I have my black horn rimmed glasses all ready to go to fulfill my decades-long dream of doing a couple's Wayne & Garth costume when Mike and I attend an SNL-character themed party on Saturday night. What? Don’t tell me that Alice Cooper’s thoughtful discussion of Mil-ee-wau-kee isn’t one of the best scenes ever. Also, I personally prefer Tia Carrere's version of Ballroom Blitz - she wails!

Anywho, without further ado I give you some cool Internet links that celebrate tomorrow’s spooky and sweets-centric fun.

Reading Material:
All hail Chrissy Teigen for donning the scariest food-inspired Halloween costume evar. Hint: he has spiky blonde hair... (via Eater)

These food shots inspired by The Shining are hilariously macabre – who knew cupcakes could be so creepy? Yes, I have been saving this for today since I saw it oh, four months ago in The New York Times. Please don’t judge my commitment to sparkle motion.

Oh Pinterest. You are both a source of delight and heartbreak. I’m using that term loosely to describe these Halloween #pinterestfails, some of which are truly horrific. (via Buzzfeed)

I originally read about the fake restaurant/art installation Lura Café in Providence on Eater, but this piece at City Lab goes a little deeper. Quite a trick on the unsuspecting hipster population.

If you haven’t organized a costume yet Vogue has a great list of iconic and cult characters from TV and movies to help inspire you. Edward Scissorhands might be a triffle hard to pull off in 24 hrs, but I have faith in you!

Lastly, I came across this interesting piece from The Atlantic archives on how candy became synonymous with Halloween.

New Sources of Pinspiration

Outtake from Plum & Raspberry Crisp  | Image:  Laura Messersmith

Outtake from Plum & Raspberry Crisp | Image: Laura Messersmith

I’ve admitted to my Pinterest addiction in the past, which shows no signs of abating… I’m constantly on the lookout for new ‘Pinners’ and when I came across this list from The Tasting Table of the Best Food Pinterest Accounts to Follow I was excited to find some new names.

I maintain that while Pinterest can be a massive black hole where all my time goes it’s also fantastic place to gather inspiration and learn a thing or two. As I practice my cooking and photography more it’s so helpful to see what other bloggers, photographers, and chefs are doing.

Scrolling through my feed has become an opportunity to study the composition, lighting, and techniques as well as take note of the styling choices the author of the photograph makes. Rustic farm table & rough linen? Dark & moody like a Renaissance still life? Minimalist & stark against a white background?

Each image I see helps me determine my own preferences – simple, uncluttered, bright, colorful – and when I click through to the voice behind the picture I have a chance to learn from more experienced bloggers. The opportunities are endless! Thanks to The Tasting Table’s selections I know what I’ll be up to this afternoon…. Definitely check them out!