Gone Scouting + Bonus Reading Material

Weathered Rustic Buoys

We’re just hours away from the weekend – hooray! – and I’m looking forward to a little trip out to eastern Long Island. That’s right, L.I. the Land of Ina (eeeeee!)

While I’m not sure that the weather is going to cooperate and make a stroll on the beach very enjoyable; I’m sure we’ll have a great time exploring some of the quaint towns and doing some comfort food cooking.

Since I’m haven’t written you a fun new post to read, I’ll direct you to some of the items that caught my attention this week. (Does it ruin it if I point out how I avoided a pun about “food for thought” or “something to chew on”?) Hope you have a great weekend!

Reading Material:

This piece on The Toast about living like a Nancy Meyers film cracked me up. Mallory Ortberg is a treasure.

Lord I love waffles, Huff Po does too.

And while we’re at it, I love Chef Emily Luchetti’s approach to making our daily meals #dessertworthy via the James Beard Foundation

I’m back on a book reading kick and finished The Vacationers about a year after everyone else did – a solid beach read even if you’re nowhere near the beach.

Now I’m starting on The Emperor’s Children. Sounds like a movie version is afoot…

Intrigued by this Buzzfeed list of old-school NYC businesses. Field trip anyone?